Global Village.

As a result of modern technology people have develop their lives and there lives have become more easier and more comfortable.
      In the past live people lived in far away different places without knowing each other. But as result of globalization all the people in far away places in the world have got together with the develop of the technology. In the world. So the world have become a global village.
     Internet ,computers, telephones, fax machines, e-mail and other thins which we use to communicate contribute largely for this centure. The information at any place in the world can be known within a few minutes with the help of finger tips access to the buttons.
     Internet is a formless mass of interconnected network. Internet means all the equipment and the methods used to control information. The internet contributes largely to create the global village Radios, computers, telephones, fax machines, are some of the type kind of equipment used in information technology.
    In future information technology will control our lives.
     The world is rapidly turning in to a global village and all the boundaries are disappearing with the technologic at advancement. The world has become one family under the roof of sky.
    What every happens in the world we can access that information at our finger tips. Concept of globalization is useful to prevent detect and teal diseases in various pars in the world. The knowledge is exchanging all over the world due to globalization.


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