I met her.

After long time. I met a my one of friend. She was best friend in my life. She name is Dilusha Nishangika. She’s really innocent girl. I went to the pre- school with her in my childhood. We learnt grade1 to grade 7. I remember. She went to the another school. I was extremely sad.
    12 months ago. I went to her school. I met her. I  was very happy. We learned well and I helped her. But she failed the O/L examination. I was very upset. She stopped her learning. She left me. Dilusha  went to the job. My friend was very friendly to me. I didn’t meet her, after the O/L exam.
    After three years ago. One day I went to the Beliatta with my sister. And came back our home. I saw Dilusha inside the bus. I’m extremely delighted. We spoke. She told me everything. After she cried. She was sad about her life and her education. She blessed me and I blessed her new life She was very sad about her educational life.. Dilusha didn’t never angry with me in our school period. I think she is real friend in my life. All friends come our life. But the truth is one day we have to separate.
      But I think now, Learning is the only way to future progress.


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