An unforgettable day in my life.

I remember. I went to the school with my brother. I Learned Grade 2 class and my brother learnt Grade 5 class. My class stopped. But I didn’t go to home alone. After the school time. I went to home. Our class stopped, when because all friends went to the their home. So I was very lazy. And I was loneliness. So I sat on the my chair. Our teacher was in the class.
    A few minutes ago. I fell a sleep. My brother went to the home without me. As I slept. I woke up. I went to the his class. But he didn’t in there. I was very sad. and   afraid. I met my teacher and I told her everything. She said me. Stayed here. But I didn’t give ear to her. I went home alone. I thought but I didn’t found the way to home. While I was going to home. It was rained cats and dogs. I forgot everything. My umbrella was in the school. Near the home. I heared mother blamed brother. I came to the home. I didn’t speak with him. I hit him to the one shot. After he cried. He didn’t talk with me. He was very upset.


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