Pre- school concert.

2008.12.14 I was really happy day. I went to the Galwava pre- school with my neighbour sisters and aunt. That concert started at 1.30 pm. I saw their dances and some one performed  their speeches.  Two hours ago. There was 10 minutes interval. I watched their dances and one drama. That was very good drama and they gave advise to us. It was fascinating drama. There wasn’t concert in my pre-school time. Because our teacher was illness. The concert stopped at 6.00 pm. We come back  our home. It’s extremely beautiful concert. I like it.
      Our childhood is very beautiful. It has nice memory. I know. Children are like flowers. They are really innocent. They never jealous.


2 Responses to Pre- school concert.

  1. Nishshanka says:

    dear Samanthika nangi,
    Thise web page are most important for our school student of our country …ur great student in other school in sri lanka u have good courage achieve ur life i wish u all the best 2 u n ur IT teacher in ur school. ur are succesfuly bs tc

    nishshanka (SriLanka Navy)

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